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1.    LunaNetwork has the right to ban you, the donator, at any time, for a reason upheld by LunaNetwork rules or normal community guidelines.

2.    Charging back will result in a ban from LunaNetwork. There will be no appeals and you, the donator, will not be able to hold an alternate account on the server, as well.

3.    You, the donator, recognize that you are over 18 years of old at time of purchase, or have consulted and received aproval from a parent or legal guardian to purchase a rank on our server. Due to this, you, the donator, recognize and forfeit all chances of a PayPal, CreditCard, or other chargebacks.

4.    LunaNetwork are not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft, Microsoft, or any company(ies) hired or used for the making of a plugin(s) on our server, so you, the donator, agree to not ask previously mentioned entities for your money back or support in the case of a chargeback.

5.    LunaNetwork have the right to change or remove any package(s), item(s), etc. or to change the pricing of any package(s), item(s), etc. on LunaNetwork own terms without prior consent from you, the donator.

6.    You, the donator, realize your items are virtual and are seen as donations to the server for your enjoyment and to keep the server running. Because these items are virtual, you, the donator, realize they hold no monetary value and cannot be sold, traded, etc. for items that do contain monetary value including but not limited to: cash, credit, physical items, and services. Transfers of your donations will not be honored or supported.